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11 Basketball eBook Special Offer

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If you want a pdf version to work on Mac  Contact me and I will create it for you.
Basketball eBook 11 Pack
1    Triangle Offense
2    Motion Offense
3    Flex Offense
4    Shuffle Offense
5    Open Post Back Cut Motion
6    Cal Motion Offense
7    Gonzaga Motion Offense
8    5 Man Open Post Offense
9    Duke Motion Offense
10  20 Quick Hitting Plays
11   Loyola Fast Break Offense

From: Coach Jerry Nicholson

Fellow Basketball Enthusiast,

Get your hands on my basketball eBooks for a this low price.  These basketball eBooks are currently selling for $5.00 or more on all my public sites.  You can have them during this sale for less than $2.00 per book. 

So what's the catch? Why are these this ebooks priced so low?  Well, to tell the truth, it is fund raiser time again.  As the season ends and the year closes out we find that, like most folks, we are just a little short of money to run our programs through the spring, summer and fall.  In an effort to close the money gap we have decided to run an eBook sale. 

OK, so here is how it works.  Each sale will cause the price to increase by .05 cents.  Every 10 sales another .05 cents will be added to each sale.  So the first 10 sales will increase by .05 cents with each sale, the second 10 will increase by .10 cents after each sale, the third 10 will increase by .15 with each sale and so on until the price gets to $21 or until we reach our fundraising goals. 


11 Basketball eBook Special Offer

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P.S. If you have any problems downloading or installing your ebook, please Contact me  right away at admin at

Yours in Basketball,

Coach Jerry Nicholson
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