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Winnetka Bullets Video Playbooks

NOTE: These videos are not for sale!  If you want to buy the video go to or do a Google search.

Buying basketball videos can be a trying experience.  Because of the high cost of the videos and the limited resources available to most of us selecting the right video is a matter of guesswork. 

After the video is purchased you are stuck with it whether it is useful or not.  Take some of the guesswork out of your purchases by getting a comprehensive review from another coach prior to the purchase. 

Select those videos that suit your philosophy and needs.  You will also be able to pinpoint those areas that you want to broaden your coaching education and select the proper materials.  

I have put together usable playbooks based on my interpretation these videos.  Click on the video for more info on the playbook.

Listed alpha by Coach
Click on the Title to review that video on line
These  Coaching videos are not for sale
Barry, Ceal, Colorado Person to Person Defense
Bennett, Dick Clinic: Break Down Basics of Defense
Bennett, Dick Pressure Defense: A System 
Boeheim, Jim Teaching Zone Defense
Brown, Dale Freak, Defense 
Brown, Hubie Basketball with Hubie 
Brown, Hubie Cycle of Achievement 
Brown, Hubie Techniques and Strategies for Basketball 
Brown, Hubie Defensive Drills
Calhoun, Jim 2-2-1 Press

Casey, Don Temple of Zones #1
Casey, Don Temple of Zones #2
Ciampi, Joe (Auburn) Match Up Defense 
Cooper, Tom Match Up Zone
Davis, Tom Full Court Press
Davis, Tom Full Court Press 
Davis, Tom Pressure Defense
Drew, Homer 2-2-1 Full Court Press  (Includes 13 pages and 19 Diagrams)

Dunn, Lin 1-3-1 Half Court Trap   (Includes 17 pages and 32 Diagrams)

Ellis, Cliff Attitude of Rebounding

Evans, Rob Defense Etc.
Five Star Defense 
Five Star #1 Pressure Defense  (Includes 14 pages 20 Drills and 20 Diagrams)

Five Star Post Defense 
Fraschilla, Fran Man to Man Defense Clinic 
Gillen, Pete Big Man Drills 
Green, Bill Match Up Zone #1   
Green, Bill Match Up Zone #2 
Haskins, Clem: 1-3-1 defense 
Haskins, Clem: 1-3-1 defense

Heideman, Mike The Pack - UW-Green Bay Defensive System (Includes 24 pages 36 Drills and 45 Diagrams)

Huggins, Bob "Matchup Defense the one sold out of his office 
Hurley, Bob Defense 
Hurley, Bob Defense Drills
Kloppenberg, Bob Pressure Defense Part 1
Kloppenberg, Bob Pressure Defense Part 2
Kloppenberg, Bob SOS Pressure Defense Application of Fundamentals
Kloppenberg, Bob SOS Pressure Defense Basic Fundamentals
Knight, Bob Building Indiana's Defense
Kreese, John Multiple Trapping Defenses 
Krzyzewski, Mike Duke's M2M Defense

Larranga, Jim Scramble Defense
Larranga, Jim The Full Court Scramble Defense (Includes 15 pages and 22 Diagrams)
Litzenberger, Fred Colorado State Man to Man Defense
Majerus, Rick Man to Man Defense 
Majiras, Rick Man to Man Defense
Meyer, Don #17 Pressing with Selective Trapping 
Meyer, Don #2 Pressure Man to Man Defense 
Meyer, Don #25 Point and Talk Match Up
Meyer, Don #5 Match Up Zone (1-1-3) 
Olsen, Lute Match Up Defense

O'Neill, Kevin Priority Defense
Petitgoue, Jerry: Simplified Youth Defense (Includes 14 pages 19 Drills and 24 Diagrams) 

Pikey, Dawson Rover Match Up
Pikey, Dawson Rover Matchup Part 1 & 2 
Pitino, Rick Tape 3, Defense (m2m)  (Includes 13 pages 10 Drills and 14 Diagrams)

Pitino, Rick Tape 4, (Black & White press defense)  (Includes 13 pages 8 Drills and 30 Diagrams) 

Pitino, Rick Tape 4, (press defense) 
Sanderford, Paul Building a Man Defense with Drills 
Sanderford, Paul Building a Man Defense With Drills
Scott, John Double Zone Defense Traps and Tactics
Sharpe, Marsha 1-1-3 Match Up Defense
Shumate, John (SMU) Defense #1 
Shumate, John (SMU) Defense #2 
Smith, Dean (UNC) Point Zone 

Smith, Dean Scramble

Smith, Tubby Full Court Match Up Press
Sokaitis, Al Full and 1/2 Court Man to Man Trapping System
Summit, Pat Building Championship Defense
Tarkanian, Jerry Tark on Defense 
Tarkanian, Jerry (UNLV) Amoeba Defense 

Time Out Clinic Man to Man Defense
Todd, Jimmy Dominating the Boards and Rebounding 
Trinkle, Fred Press Making and Press Breaking
Van Derveer  # 6 Zone Defenses 
Wainwright, Man to Man Defense 
Williams, Gary & Various coaches University of Tennessee Clinic 
Williams, Gary Deceptive Full Court Pressure
Wooden, John Pyramid of Success 
Wooten, Morgan Full Court Press  (Includes 12 pages 15 Drills and 23 Diagrams) 

Wooten, Morgan Fundamentals 

Wooten, Morgan Building Man to Man Defense
Wooten, Morgan Defensive Tips
Wooten, Morgan Half Court Defense

Listed Alpha by Coach

Click on the Title to review that video on line
  These  Coaching videos are not for sale

1995 University of Nebraska Women Coaching Clinic Angela Beck
Alford, Steve Moving Without the Ball
Alford, Steve Moving Without the Ball
Alford, Steve Moving Without the Ball
Alford, Steve Shooting to Win 
Amberry, Tom Dr., Make Every Free Throw 
Armstrong, B.J. Star Shot 
Arseneault, Dave Running to Extremes
Asbury, Tom Post Play 

Auriemma, Geno USA Clinic tape 3 man Post offense (Triangle offense)
Barnes, Milton: Open Post back cut offense 
Barry, Rick Shooting 
Bennett, Dick Blocker-Mover Offense 
Boone, Jim Motion Offense 

Brazeau, Paul The Combined 4 Out/1 In and 3 Out/2 In Motion Attack
Brown, Dale Transition Offense 
Brown, Hubie Developing a Fast Break
Carril, Pete Princeton Offense 

Carril, Pete Princeton Offense Drills 
Chu, Donald Dr. Plyometrics for Basketball Success 
Converse #5 Foul Shooting Workout 
Converse #9 Shooting Workout 
Cooper, Tom Revised Competitive Motivation System 
Cooper, Tom Three Point Shot
Davis Tom, Modified Flex Offense
Davis, Tom (IOWA) Zone Offense 
Drew, Homer Press Offense
Drill for Skill

Essence of Guard Play
Evans, Rob (U Miss) & Various Coaches Open Forum 
Few, Mark Motion For Success

Five Star #5 Shooting Method  (Includes 10 pages 9 Drills and 7 Diagrams)

Five Star Stations Vol. 1 
Five Star Stations Vol. 2 
Five Star Stations Vol. 3 
Fraschilla, Fran 20 Quick Hitters

Fratello, Mike Three Point Play 
Gillen, Pete Big Man Drills
Gillen, Pete Providence Explosive Guard Drills

Harrick, Jim (PEPERDINE) Peperdine Fast Break Drills 
Harrick, Jim (UCLA) #5 Special Situations 
Harrick, Jim (UCLA) #6 The Winning Difference 
Heideman, Mike Eliminating Turnovers in Your Half Court Offense
Holowicki, Bernie Inner City Moves (Includes 24 pages 45 Drills and 45 Diagrams) 

Hoopla, Dave Shooting Technique
Huggins, Bob "Open Post Motion" the one sold out of his office
Huggins, Bob Cincinnati's Open Post Motion Offense Clinic 
Huggins, Bob University of Tennessee Clinic & various coaches
Huggins, Bob Zone Offense 

Hurley, Bob Offense 
Hurley, Bob Offense Drills
Hurley, Bob Point Guard Play

Inglese, Cathy Flex Offense
Jarvis, Mike Organizing A Winning High School Basketball Program 
Keady, Gene Special Situations 
Knight, Bob Building the Indiana Man to Man Offense Clinic V
Knight, Bob Building the Indiana Zone Offense Clinic IV 
Knight, Bob Clinic 1, Practice Drills 
Knight, Bob Clinic 2

Knight, Bob Motion Offense 
Knight, Bob Philosophy Part 2, Offensive Movement Against Specific Defenses
Knight, Bobby Knight of Basketball
Kreese, John Flex Plus & Motion Offense
Kreese, John Hitting the Home Run Offensive Sets 
Kreese, John Zone Offense 
Krzyzewski, Mike (DUKE) Lets Play Basketball Youth Basketball Drills (Includes 14 pages 17 Drills and 18 Diagrams) 

Krzyzewski, Mike Duke's Motion Offense 

Krzyzewski, Mike Duke's Transition Game

Krzyzewski, Mike Practice Planning
Lappas, Steve Motion Zone Offense 
Larson, Forest 100 Trips
Loehman, George Skills Divider
Lotz, John (Asst. UNC) Shooting
Mackey, Kevin Winning Basketball Fundamentals  
Mackey, Kevin Winning BB Advanced Techniques#1
Mackey, Kevin Winning BB Advanced Techniques#2
Majerus, Rick Offensive Theories
Majiras, Rick Zone Offense

Maravich, Pistol Pete Ball Handling
Maravich, Pistol Pete Dribbling 
Maravich, Pistol Pete Memories the LSU Years
Maravich, Pistol Pete Passing 
Maravich, Pistol Pete Shooting 
Martelli, Phil Practice Planning  (Includes 7 pages 11 Drills and 11 Diagrams) 
Maslin Jim with Don Meyer Controlled Break and Press Breakers 
McGraw, Muffett Spread Triangle
Meyer, Don #11 Special Situations
Meyer, Don #12  The Transition Game 

Meyer, Don #12 The Transition Game
Meyer, Don #16 Practice Planning
Meyer, Don #18 Special Series Plays and Entries to Complement Motion Offense  
Meyer, Don #28 Developing Toughness and Playing Hard
Meyer, Don #03 Motion Offense 
Meyer, Don #04 Zone Attack 
Meyer, Don #07 Developing Your Post Players
Meyer, Don #09 Utilize and Defend the Three Point Shot 
Meyer, Don Becoming a Great Shooter
Meyer, Don Practice Planning

Miller, Drill for Skill
Nater, Swen Low Post Offensive Basketball 
Nebraska Coaches Clinic 1995 Angela Beck, John Larson, Theresa Bucker, Gary Blair, -& Nebraska Women's BB Staff
Newell, Pete Basketball Offensive Fundamentals 
Newell, Pete Big Man Moves 
Odom, Dave Breaking Pressure Defense with Motion and Spacing 
Olsen, Lute Passing Game
O'Niel, Kevin Press Break

O'Niel, Kevin University of Tennessee Clinic & Various coaches

O'Niel, Kevin Zone Offense
Papas, Tony The Art of Post Play 
Pennell, Russ (Asst. U MISS) Conditioning Philosophy 
Petitgoue, Jerry The Feeder System Grades 1-4 
Petitgoue, Jerry: Simplified Youth Offense  (Includes 28 pages 5 continuity offenses 2 BOB and 48 Diagrams) 

Pitino, Rick Tape 1, Offense  (Includes 4 pages 23 Drills and 2 Diagrams)

Pitino, Rick Tape 2, Offensive Movement  (Includes 10 pages 15 Drills and 10 Diagrams) 

Post Play
Quincy High School Dirty Thirty Drills

Richardson, Nolan Arkansas Razorback Attack Game

Righter, Ron Flex Offense
Sampson, Kelvin Oklahoma's 1-4 High Offense
Sanderford, Paul Press Offense
Sanderford, Paul Quick Hitters
Schilling, Ed Buddy Ball
Schilling, Ed Dynamic Ball Handling Workout 5 Star Video (Includes 8 pages 34 Drills and 2 Diagrams) 

Scott, John Developing Low Post Players
Scott, John Teaching Teams to Score
Self, Bill High-Low Motion  (Includes 36 pages & 68 Diagrams of the Strong Side Cut and Weak Side Cut continuty offenses & breakdown drills)

Self, Bill Offensive (5) Game Spread Drills and Post Drills

Self, Bill Scoring Plays and Special Situations
Sharp, Marsha (TX TECH) Press Offense 
Sharp, Marsha Quick Hitting Offense 1-4 Set (includes 19 pages 35 diagrams) 

Shumate, John (SMU) Motion Offense 
Shumate, John (SMU) Sport Specific Drills 
Shumate, John (SMU) Zone Offense 
Shumate, John Shooting drills
Smith, Tubby, Fast Break
Smith, Tubby, Kentucky 1-4 High Offense
Sokaitis, Al One on One Basketball

Spoonhour, Charlie Breakdown Basics for Defense
Spoonhour, Charlie University of Tennessee Clinic & various coaches
Sport America Delay Game Offense
Summit, Pat University of Tennessee Clinic & various coaches
Tarkanian, Jerry Tark on Offense 
Todd, Jimmy Dominating Perimeter Play 
Trenkle, Fred Rapid Option Offense and Delay Game Strategies  
Trinkle, Fred Press Making and Press Breaking
Van Derveer #4 Half Court Zone offenses   
Van Derveer #5 Player to Player Offenses 

Versace, Dick High Percentage Basketball: Getting the Ball 
Victor, Gene 5 Man Passing Game 
WBCA Tips from Top Women's College Coaches
Webb, Spud Reach For the Skies Youth Basketball Clinic
Westhead, Paul (George Mason) Fast Break Offense 
Westhead, Paul (LOYOLA) Basketball in the fast Lane  (19 pages 36 diagrams) 

Westhead, Paul Game Film LMU-vs-Michigan
Winning Basketball Strategies Three Point Shooting 
Wolfe, Dennis 1-4 Press Breaker (Includes 21 pages and 39 Diagrams)

Wolfe, Dennis 35 Out Of Bounds Plays

Wooten, Morgan Building Man to Man Offense
Wooten, Morgan Half Court Offense

About Coach Nicholson

Coach Jerry Nicholson has been coaching basketball for over twenty years in the San Fernando Valley.  He has coached every level from 6-7 years old through high school varsity players in LA Parks and Recreation programs, YMCA programs, Winnetka Bullets Basketball Academy traveling teams, Cleveland High School and Campbell Hall High School and Beverly Hills High School. 

Coach Nicholson was a part of a coaching staff that led the boys basketball team to Back to Back State championships.

Coach Nicholson also was a certified high school basketball official.

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